Our Cambridge setting

Cambridge Salisbury Villas

Our Cambridge Salisbury Villas setting is just a stone’s throw from the Railway Station in the heart of the CB1 business hub, making it ideally located for parents who live and work in Cambridge or commute to London.

Our approach to learning

At our Cambridge Salisbury Villas site we offer the following classes – Baby, Toddler, Rising three’s and Kindergarten.

In each class the children’s learning opportunities and experiences are aimed at developing the skills they need to be successful. Through having each of these classes in our early years provision we can plot a child’s learning journey knowing what they need in Reception and discovering how best to support them in achieving ‘school readiness’.

While our nursery at Cambridge has its own unique personality and features, it shares the same commitment to play based learning and development, the same approach to health and nutrition, and the same exceptional level of childcare as the other Stephen Perse Nurseries.

Our nursery at Cambridge has been carefully planned and designed to be a rich and enabling environment for our littlest learners.

Our Location

The recent transformation of Station Road has made CB1 a valuable business hub for Cambridge, attracting the likes of Microsoft, Amazon and Apple to the area. So we count ourselves lucky to be in such an enviable and convenient location.

Our building at Salisbury Villas on Station Road has been completely redesigned to provide the ideal nursery environment, including a brand new garden. There’s plenty of space at the front of the building for those morning drop-offs; a one-way system allows cars to enter at one end and exit at the other.