Healthy eating and teaching the children about healthy eating habits are an essential part of meal times

Healthy eating

We provide high quality, freshly prepared food from our exciting and nutritionally balanced menus, using local suppliers as much as possible.

Healthy eating

Children spend a long time with us each week, so it’s important that we provide them with homely, healthy food that will help them make the most of every day.

Stephen Perse catering staff create delicious and nutritionally balanced food experiences for our nursery children. So every day your child will enjoy:

⦁ breakfast
⦁ a freshly prepared two-course lunch (including a vegetarian option)
⦁ fresh fruits and vegetables
⦁ afternoon tea

Healthy eating is about more than just what’s on the plate – it’s about building good habits and understanding why we need to eat balanced meals. So we talk to children about food and nutrition, developing their knowledge and independence so they can learn to make healthy choices.

Healthy eating


We’re also mindful of the environmental impacts of what we eat, using local suppliers wherever we can and celebrating their food with the children.

Our healthy eating menus have been specially designed by our catering team to meet the needs of nursery aged children, providing nutritionally balanced meals at various phases of feeding. We try our best to accommodate all dietary requirements; please tell us about your child’s specific needs when making an application.

Madingley and Dame Bradbury’s menu

Click here to see this term’s menu for Dame Bradbury’s Nursery. Early years at Dame Bradbury’s follows the main school menu that can be found here.

Click here to see this term’s menu for Madingley Nursery.

Our catering provider has provided a nutritional summary of our nursery menus that can be read here.

Salisbury Villas menu

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