Madingley daily routine

Opening times

Madingley opens at 7:30am and closes at 6pm.

For our Nursery pupils there is no requirement for your child to attend particular hours. You are charged for the full day but you can drop off and collect your child whenever you need to.

For our Early Years Pupils drop off is between 8.00-8.20am. A member of staff will greet your child at the main entrance and will accompany them to their classroom. For parents who wish to drive, we also operate a kiss and drop service. A member of staff will be available on the driveway to help your child exit the car and enter the building where they will be accompanied by the office staff to their classroom.

We also have a Breakfast Club and Late Stay Provision at Salisbury Villas.

Arrival at the nursery

If you are dropping off between 7.30-8.20am please arrive at the Madingley Nursery via the black gate to the right side of the building. Please walk to the back of the main building and ring on the doorbell. A member of the Nursery team will come to greet you and take your child through to the Nursery. Please do use this as an opportunity to share with the Nursery staff any information that might be helpful for the day ahead, for example if your child was teething or they had had a disturbed night.

If the black gate is closed on your arrival or after 8.20am please press the doorbell for the black door at the front of the building and a member of the Nursery team will come to greet you via the side black gate. Please follow the same procedure when you come to collect your child.

If someone different is going to be collecting your child please inform the Nursery staff the date and the name of the person collecting in advance via or Tapestry. Please send a photograph of the person collecting and ensure they know your password. Your password is stored in the ‘All about me’ section of your child’s Tapestry account.

Please note that the Nursery closes at 6.00pm and we kindly ask that parents ensure they have collected their child by this time.

Kindergarten and Reception Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is available for Kindergarten and Reception children from 7.30am to 8.00am. The children are supervised at all times on a ratio of 1:8. Breakfast club is charged at £2.50 and includes a choice of cereals, toast and fruit.

Kindergarten and Reception Late Stay

Late stay is available for Kindergarten and Reception children from 3.30pm – 6.00pm which is based in the Kindergarten classroom and moves to the Nursery building after 5.30pm. Late stay is free up until 4pm and £1.50 per 15 mins thereafter. Kindergarten and Nursery key persons supervise the children on a ratio of 1:8.

Supervision of children in the Nursery

Reception and Kindergarten

Children in the Reception and Kindergarten classes are supervised at all times either by the early years staff or members of the Stephen Perse Foundation staff according to early years ratios whilst on the school premises.