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Fees at Madingley

Our fees at Madingley

The Stephen Perse Nursery at Madingley provides daycare from 07.30 to 18.00, Monday to Friday, all year round. We are open all year round, except on the following dates when the nursery closes:

3 August -7 August 2020 – inclusive of these dates
23 December 2020- 1 January 2021- inclusive of these dates
2 August- 6 August 2021- inclusive of these dates

Nursery and Early Years

Full day, year round   07.30 – 18.00    Age 1-2    £66 per day

Full day, year round   07.30 – 18.00    Age 2-3   £64 per day

Full day, year round*  07.30 – 18.00   Age 3-4  £64 per day

School day, term time   08.00 – 15.15  Reception  £4,160

Full day fees are worked out per day and apply all year round. Fees include full time day care from 07.30 to 18.00 as well as meals, milk, nappies and cream (as appropriate).

*Morning sessions and term time only sessions are available for 3-4 year olds (further information on request from the admissions office). Children in these Kindergarten classes are expected to be in attendance for the full core hours for their session.

Reception fees are for the school day, term time only and include lunch. This can be supplemented with wraparound care and holiday provision.

The Nursery and Early Years setting closes at 18.00, any charges that need to be made after this time will be charged at £10 per 10 minutes or part thereof.

Early Years – term time wraparound care

15.15 – 18.00 £14.50 per day

Early Years – school holiday provision

School holiday provision is available for children in early years from Stephen Perse and other schools.

08.00 – 18.00 £64.50 per day

No hidden fees

We know how hectic life as a parent can be, so we’ve saved you the trouble of remembering the little things. We provide nappies, wipes and cream, as well as meals and milk throughout the day. No need to worry about additional costs – these are all on us. Our healthy eating menus include vegetarian options and are developed with the specific needs of toddlers and young children in mind.

Tax-free childcare

We accept tax-free childcare credits.